The International Association  of Forensic Criminologists


 Membership: Apply Today



There are several levels of membership, and multiple areas of specialty. They are:

- Student Section

- Criminology Section 

- Investigative Section 

- Forensic Section

- Behavioral Section

- Diplomate (see also "Certification")

Those considering membership should review the criteria for each carefully, to determine which they are best qualified for at the time of their application. Anyone who does not meet the requirements for membership, but feels that they may otherwise be qualified, may petition the Board of Directors for an exemption. 

Review the areas of membership and related criteria below, then make your selection. To complete your application do the following:

1. Download the membership application, complete, and sign.

2. Click the appropriate application / dues button below and make your payment.

3. Submit your most current resume, along with the completed application, 

    to: PDF files are preferable.


Note: The IAFC Board of Directors reviews each application, and reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant for any reason.