The International Association  of Forensic Criminologists


 Code of Ethics

Ronald J. Miller, MS

Ethics Chair



There are three (3) types of sanctions for any Member of the IAFC in violation of the ethical guidelines set forth above: 


Advisement: A written notification to the individual responsible for the violation to cease their unethical conduct. Two advisements result in an automatic warning.

Warning: A written warning to the individual responsible for the violation to cease their unethical conduct immediately or risk expulsion. Warnings will be made known to ABP membership. Two warnings result in automatic expulsion.


Expulsion: A written notification of expulsion from the Academy of Behavioral Profiling to the individual responsible for the violation. Expulsions will be made public.


The purpose of these sanctions is not necessarily to simply punish those responsible for unethical behavior, but to educate them, and give them an opportunity to make changes before more serious sanctions are levied. This provides a mechanism for identifying well intentioned individuals who err in judgment versus those whose ethics are at odds with those of the Academy.


Formal reports of ethics violations, with proper documentation, should be presented to the Ethics Committee within the Board of Directors. The Chair of the Ethics Committee shall investigate complaints regarding potential unethical conduct within the membership and then pass a recommendation along to the Board of Directors for an official vote. 


No sanctions shall be given before those members involved are provided an opportunity to defend themselves.